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Applications of Computing in Industry :
2012-2013 Lecture Series

We have joined with our Corporate Partners  to bring you an exciting new lecture series of technical presentations called 'Applications of Computing in Industry'. The technical presentations are designed to complement your studies by showing how theory is applied in practice and by describing interesting technical challenges in industry and how our partner organisations are addressing them. Learning more about how computing is applied in industry will also support you with your career choices and the insights you gain will give you a competitive edge in application/interview.

When? Tuesdays and some Thursdays at 12 noon

Where? Usually Lecture Theatre 308, Huxley Building - see programme below for dates and details.

Who? Applications of Computing in Industry is open to all DoC students.  Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.  Please note that some presentations may assume prior knowledge of a technology/area and as such may be more suitable for students on certain courses or at certain stages in their study - where this is the case it will be noted in the presentation details provided below.

Autumn Term 2012-2013 Programme

Date Company Presentation and Speaker details
09 October CellCrypt

Mobile Security - Is it secret? Is it safe?

Andy Lilly

11 October Google

Dart: A Platform for Building Large Web Applications.

Mads Ager

16 October Deutsche Bank

Social Business: Changing the way we work

Mara Tolja and Azfarul Islam

18 October Facebook

Engineering at Facebook

Peter Wilson

23 October Vodafone

Applications of Computing in Mobile Communications

Daniel Azzopardi and Matt Hartnell

30 October The Hut Group

Understanding customer behaviour in online retail

M. Moulding, J. Gallemore, A. Ramrachia, A. Knappy,R. Thambapillai.

01 November Ocado

What you need to know about software development that they won't teach you at University

James Donkin

06 November Palantir

Friction In The Machine: How Fluid Processes Allow Optimal Human-Computer Interaction

Emanuel Ferm

13 November Imagination Technologies


Theo Drane

20 November GSA Capital

Research Technology Challenges for the Systematic Hedge Fund

Will Muldrew

27 November SAP

Making the world run faster

Andrew McCormick-Smith

04 December Amazon

Machine Learning: Using Named Entity Recognition algorithms to build the Kindle X-Ray features

Joe Eldridge

Spring Term 2012-2013 Programme

Date Company Presentation and Speaker details
17 January Bloomberg

The evolution of computers and finance, and why I still get my pay check (for now)

Kai To

22 January Neo4j

Introduction to Neo4j, an open-source graph database

Michal Bachman

31 January Credit Suisse

How open source is changing the financial industry

Rhys Weekley

05 February ARM

Porting Linux to a new architecture

Will Deacon

12 February ATASS sports

Why sports forecasters like us need programmers like you

Dr Tim Paulden

19 February Detica

Malware Analysis


26 February Citrix

XenServer and the Performance Challenges in Cloud Computing

Felipe Franciosi

28 February Frontier

Getting Into Games

Ruben Penalva Ambrona

05 March Morgan Stanley

Cloud: blessing or curse?

Nick Williams

12 March Turbulenz

Creating an HTML5 Gaming Platform

Ian Ballantyne

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