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Applications of Computing in Industry : 2015-2016 Lecture Series

We have joined with our Corporate Partners  to bring you an exciting lecture series of technical presentations called 'Applications of Computing in Industry'. The technical presentations are designed to complement your studies by showing how theory is applied in practice and by describing interesting technical challenges in industry and how our partner organisations are addressing them. Learning more about how computing is applied in industry will also support you with your career choices and the insights you gain will give you a competitive edge in applications/interviews.

When? Tuesday from 12pm and Wednesday from 1pm in Week 1, and on Tuesday 12pm-2pm in Weeks 2 to 6 of the Autumn and Spring Terms

Where? Usually Lecture Theatre 308, Huxley Building - but see programme below for precise dates and details.

Who? Applications of Computing in Industry is open to all DoC students.  Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.  Please note that some presentations may assume prior knowledge of a technology/area and as such may be more suitable for students on certain courses or at certain stages in their study - where this is the case it will be noted in the presentation details provided below.

Autumn Programme

Date Time Venue Company Presentation and Speaker details
06 October 12pm LT308 Yelp

Systems challenges in running a large International SOA based web site

Tomas Doran

06 October 12.45pm LT308 BlackRock

Innovation @BlackRock

Ben Wong

06 October 2.15pm LT308 Swiftkey

Shipping code changes to millions of mobile users

Steve Spence

06 October 3pm LT308 Google

Building location-based services

Salvatore Scellato, Software Engineer

07 October 1pm LT308 Bloomberg

Quicker Sorting

Dietmar Kühl

07 October 1.45pm LT308 Palantir

Palantir Technologies

Aditya Shashi

07 October 3.15pm LT308 Ocado

Ocado’s Horizon 2020 Robotics Research Projects, SecondHands and Soma – The Challenges..

Alex Harvey

07 October 4pm LT308 Microsoft

“What am I sear[ching for?]” – The Challenges of Predicting Queries in Web Search Engines

Nicola Cancedda

13 October 12pm LT308 Shell

The Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data & Advanced Analytics at Shell

Dan Jeavons

13 October 1.10pm LT308 Formicary

Using time series data for trading platform problem and performance analysis

Tim Wiffen

20 October 12pm LT308 Imagination Technologies

Parallax and the Impossibility of Implementing Floating-Point Polynomials

Dr Theo Drane

20 October 1.10pm LT308 Bank of America

Grid Computing at BAML

Tse Huong Choo

27 October 12pm LT308 Medidata

mHealth in Clinical Studies

Geoff Low

27 October 1.10pm LT308 Facebook

Fighting Malware on Facebook

Ioannis Papagiannis

03 November 12pm LT308 King

Making sense of 20 billion data points a day

Vince Darley

03 November 1.10pm LT308 BP

Data Science for Physical Energy Trading Insights

Charles Cai

10 November 12pm LT308 Amadeus

Your flight is cancelled? Don't worry, Amadeus gets you to your destination, free of charge.

Yan Collendavelloo

10 November 1.10pm LT308 Improbable

Building Simulated Worlds

Rob Whitehead

Spring Programme

Date Time Venue Company Presentation and Speaker details
12 January 12.00pm LT308 Maxeler

Computing in Space

Georgi Gaydadjiev

12 January 12.45pm LT308 Oxford Asset Management

Natural language processing and financial markets

Tom Newcomb

12 January 2.15pm LT308 Skycap

Beyond Selfie Drones

Dirk Gorissen

12 January 3.00pm LT308 ARM

Bringing photorealistic graphics to the smartphone

Dr Graham Hazel

13 January 1.00pm LT308 Morgan Stanley

Break into a Hacker’s mind

Aldwin Saugere

13 January 1.45pm LT308 Overleaf

Lessons from Building a Scientific Start-up

Dr John Lees-Miller

13 January 3.15pm LT308 Hawk-Eye Innovations


Dr Anthony Daniels

13 January 4.00pm LT308 Decisal

An Imperial College spin-off that saves airlines millions every year

Nikos (Nikolaos) Papadakos, PhD

19 January 12.00pm LT308 The Hut Group

Data-driven retailing: The Science of Selling

Gary Higham and Dhruv Kumar

19 January 1.10pm LT308 Armour Communications

Mobile Security "œIs it secret? Is it safe?"

Dr Andy Lilly

26 January 12pm LT308 IBM

The Democratisation of Innovation with IBM Cloud Technology - Bluemix

John McNamara

26 January 1.10pm LT308 Flextrade

Leadership in software development

Geoff Smith

02 February 12.00pm LT308 Barclays

The Barclays Labs

Tobias Misera

02 February 1.10pm LT308 Gamesys

Gamesys: Having fun, making fun!

Jonny Andrews & Melanie Munden

09 February 12.00pm LT308 Credit Suisse

Detecting Unauthorised Trading in a Financial Institution

Simon Elkington and Rhys Weekley

09 February 1.10pm LT308 NewVoiceMedia

What the Trunk?

Dan Phipps

16 February 12.00pm LT308 FundApps

What I've learnt bootstrapping a FinTech company

Andrew Patrick White

16 February 1.10pm LT308 Next Jump

How we’re building a top 10 global tech company

Marcus Mathioudakis

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