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Applications of Computing in Industry :
2014-2015 Lecture Series

We have joined with our Corporate Partners  to bring you an exciting lecture series of technical presentations called 'Applications of Computing in Industry'. The technical presentations are designed to complement your studies by showing how theory is applied in practice and by describing interesting technical challenges in industry and how our partner organisations are addressing them. Learning more about how computing is applied in industry will also support you with your career choices and the insights you gain will give you a competitive edge in applications/interviews.

When? Tuesday from 12pm and Wednesday from 1pm in Week 1, and on Tuesday 12pm-2pm in Weeks 2 to 6 of the Autumn and Spring Terms

Where? Usually Lecture Theatre 308, Huxley Building - but see programme below for precise dates and details.

Who? Applications of Computing in Industry is open to all DoC students.  Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.  Please note that some presentations may assume prior knowledge of a technology/area and as such may be more suitable for students on certain courses or at certain stages in their study - where this is the case it will be noted in the presentation details provided below.

Autumn Term 2014-2015 Programme

Date Time Venue Company Presentation and Speaker details
07 October 12.00pm Huxley 308 Qinetiq

Simulation and Gaming in Defence

Julie Larkman and Emily Cullingford

07 October 12:45pm Huxley 308 King

Big Data at King

Vince Darley

07 October 2.15pm Huxley 308 BH-DG Systems

Data Engineering in the Real World

Richard Waters

07 October 3.00pm Huxley 308 Amazon

Digital Challenges and Opportunities

James Cumberbatch, Ijaz Akram and Ricky Leatham

08 October 1.00pm Clore LT Entrepreneur First

Deep learning, image classification and attempting to disrupt traditional industries, straight after university

EF Current Cohort Member and Matt Clifford (Co-Founder of EF)

08 October 1.45pm Clore LT Citadel

Applications of Monte Carlo Simulations in Finance

Matt Brown and Avi Tillu

08 October 3.15pm Clore LT Dressipi

Why metrics matter

Frederick Cheung and Nick Landia

08 October 4.00pm Clore LT Facebook

Fighting Spam at Facebook

Ioannis Papagiannis

14 October 12.00pm Huxley 308 Morgan Stanley

FPGAs in Finance

Antonio Roldao, Ph.D.

14 October 1.00pm Huxley 308 Parliamentary ICT

Using technology to increase the impact of Parliament

Steve O'Connor and Dan Barrett

21 October 12.00pm Huxley 308 Google

Cluster management at Google

John Wilkes

21 October 1.00pm Huxley 308 Moonfruit

Making products users love

Eirik Pettersen

28 October 12.00pm Huxley 308 Ocado

Architecting enterprise systems for the cloud

Paul Sweetman

28 October 1.00pm Huxley 308 Insight Software

Processing aggregations beyond SQL

Jonny Wright

04 November 12.00pm Huxley 308 Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science: Real Big Data with Real Challenges

Andreas Matern

04 November 1.00pm Huxley 308

Technology and Process: A match made in heaven, or hell?

Narek Alaverdyan

11 November 12.00pm Huxley 308 GoCardless

Move fast and break things - but not your API!

Harry Marr and Pete Hamilton

11 November 1.00pm Huxley 308 The Hut Group

Can you trust your neighbours?

Dhruv Kumar and Shaun Hall

Spring Term 2014-2015 Programme

Date Time Venue Company Presentation and Speaker details
13 January 12pm LT308 EA Games

The impact of physics engines on computer games' believability

Dr Jalpesh Sachania

13 January 12:45pm LT308 Burberry

The Future of Omni-Channel Retailing

Shaun Perkinson and Jonathan Bennett

13 January 2.15pm LT308 The Guardian

Making things from top to tail - how we make stuff at the Guardian

Hugo Gibson, Robert Rees and James Gorrie

13 January 3pm LT308 Salesforce

Build mobile apps fast on the Salesforce1 Platform

Peter Chittum, John Stevenson and Grant Wallace

14 January 1pm LT308 Skyscanner

Challenges, Innovation and Technology at Skyscanner

Claudiu Iorgulescu

14 January 1.45pm LT308 Mendeley

The realities of software development

Robin Stephenson

14 January 3.15pm LT308 NewVoiceMedia

Scaling Telephony in the Cloud

Kulvinder Singh

14 January 4pm LT308 GSA Capital

Age is not an Int

Chris Marshall

20 January 12pm LT308 Atos

The Power of PaaS

Adam Jackson

20 January 1.10pm LT308 Shell

The Innovation Game : IT@Shell

Snehal Patel

27 January 12pm LT308 Palantir

Building trusted infrastructure in the cloud

Huw Pryce

27 January 1.10pm LT308 Brandwatch

Location Detection for Social Media Data

Rob Stanley

03 February 12pm LT308 Amadeus


Julian Dersy

03 February 12pm LT308 Netcraft

Mobile application vulnerabilities

Graham Edgecombe

10 February 12pm LT308 Next Jump

Next Jump Engineering - our culture, business and how we engineer

Olivia Graham

10 February 1.10pm LT308 Imagination Technologies

The Datapath Goldmine - When Computer Arithmetic Meets Mobile Graphics

Dr Theo Drane

17 February 12pm LT308 ARM

Implementing the C11 memory model for ARM processors

Will Deacon

17 February 1.10pm LT308 IBM

Cloudant: Bringing DBaaS to IBM

Simon Metson

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