491 Knowledge Representation (Autumn 2017)

4th year/MAC/MSc(Spec) course.   Lecturer: Marek Sergot.

These notes and exercises are copyright Marek Sergot.  You may use them as long as they are
not sold for profit and the title slide with the names and affiliations appears on them as in the file.

Please let me know of any typographical or other errors in these notes. mjs "at" doc.ic.ac.uk

Lecture notes

Some lecture notes have been updated/extended slightly since they were first posted.
The changes are as indicated (they are minor).
You may have to clear your browser's cache to get the latest version.

Tutorial exercises

Answer Set Solver: clingo

You are strongly encouraged to try out examples and exercises using
the ASP solver clingo. (This will be part of the Assessed Coursework.)

It is installed on /vol/lab/CLASP. See README file in that directory.

Assessed coursework (2017-18)

Last modified 14 December 2017